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How to Draw a Butterfly ?

Is your child asking you how to draw a butterfly? This article is for you! ????

There are few things in this world as beautiful and fascinating as a butterfly. These little insects are considered a sign of beauty, légèreté and delicate life, as such, are one of the must-have images in art. Throughout history, there have been famous depictions of butterflies because of their fairy beauty. Learning to draw butterflies is much easier than you think. If you follow our steps below, you’ll be drawing and coloring a great butterfly in no time! This tutorial is made for young and old alike!

Let’s get started! ????

How to draw a butterfly:

dessin papillon

The body:

When you visualize a butterfly, you are aware of the two distinct parts of this creature, which are the body and the wings. Starting with the body, you need to draw in two parts. First you have the head and the abdomen. With the abdomen, you will draw two overlapping ovals, the larger part taking up most of the body, and the smaller part taking up the tail. The head of the butterfly will be a small circle, and you will have two circles for the eyes. Once you have drawn all the body parts, you will want to draw the antennae. These two antennae should be centered between the two eyes, and flow up and out on either side of the future head of the butterfly. ????

The wings:

Once your body is complete, you can continue on to the wings. The first two shapes you start with are the top half of the wings, which will be much larger than the bottom of the wings. To draw the smaller half of the wings, you need to make sure the shapes are uniform because butterflies are supposed to be symmetrical if they are cut in the middle. You can now add small circles to the bottom of each wing because some butterfly species have afalse pair of eyes. ????

NOTE:You can replace this with any design you want. The designs on butterfly wings are endless! Look for reference images to get the best effect. ????

Finally, if you want to add the vein detail to your wings. Now that you have all the other details completed, you can delete any lines you don’t need. Here is an image of a butterfly facing you with its wings behind it. ????

Add color to your butterfly design:


For the best re result choose two colors you want to color on your butterfly and start with your wings. In our design, we used a burnt orange color that symbolizes fall for the top and a lighter orange for the bottom. We colored the body dark brown and traced that color to the veins. Once you’ve colored all of your wings, you can take your darkest color, brown, and shade the outside of your butterfly’s wings to make it stand out. Once you have shaded your wings, with the lightest color being the inside of the abdomen, you can start to thicken the lines on your wings. Take the brown and make sure you define all the veins on the butterfly’s wings this will make it more reelaborate and authentic. Once you are done drawing all your veins, you can add white accents in the middle of the circles so that they appear as eyes ????. We also put a few extra circles on the tips of the wings to add patterns. Remember, anything you do on one side of your butterfly should be done on the other. ????

Drawing a side-facing butterfly Drawing of the butterfly:


First you will start with the abdomen, and like our first drawing, you will draw two ovals and the body and a circle with a single circle as the eye ????️ . Don’t forget that you also need to add antennae to your butterfly, and you can still draw two in the center of the head because they will both be visible even if the butterfly is lateral. As you look at this butterfly from the side, one of your eyes will be invisible and the wings will be seen from a different angle. When you start drawing the wings, you make the upper parts larger than the lower parts as you did with the first drawing, and make sure your wings are uniform in size. Once you have added the both sections of your wings, you can then draw yourveins. Finally, you’ll add the circle at the bottom to symbolize the eye ????️, and you’ll delete the extra lines you no longer need. Remember that you are looking at this butterfly from the side, so you won’t be able to clearly see all of the second wing that is in the background of the image. ????

Color the butterfly from the side:


When you go to color this butterfly, like the butterfly above, you choose three different colors. We took the same colors as the first design the body of the butterfly in dark brown towards the top of the body and light brown towards the bottom. We did the same thing with the wing color and kept dark orange at the top and filled in the bottom half with a more light color. Next, we took the brown and shaded the edges of the wings, body to make the depth pop, and that’s how the wings met. Once the shading was complete, we brought out all the veins, with additional detail, and added white accents all over the butterfly’s body. We made small white circles all over the body and wing arms to make it more realistic. Finally, we filled in the middle of the circle and added white circles on the ends. ????

This is an excellent butterfly that artists of all levels can try to draw. Although there are several steps, you can choose exactly the design you want for your butterfly. Choose the color you like and add extra detail to the wings, on one condition that they are uniform otherwise it would look weird. If you make sure your butterfly is identical on the left and right sides, you are doing a good job. There are a lot of fun things to draw, and a butterfly is one of the most simple and exciting. Take your time with this project and, in the end, you’ll have a gorgeousmasterpiece of a butterfly with fairy tale beauty. ????

It’s now your turn. What are your favorite drawings? Tell us by subscribing to our newsletter and get a free ebook about butterflies we’d love to see all your responses!” ????

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